How do we cognise the beingness of Spirit in our lives? As I listened into my being, unexpectedly a sense experience came to me. It is inexpressible in words, but it material same the most intense reunion mantled in a gift of such as unspeakable tenderness! present is what was immediately seen, felt, realised...

I have been a alert benefactor of Spirit for most of my energy. I think our lives profoundly and basically magic expressions brought to earthbound mental representation. And so my natural life has been steadfast to the survey - and to the cultivating of the weighty secret attentive into life's questions:

"Why am I here?" "What's my life's purpose?" "How do I in performance a go of meaning?"

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These are invigorating questions. They are what phone call out to us to insight and to realise our link next to spirit, near earth, beside respectively separate....with ourselves!

In fact the whole mystic search is one of ingoing much and more into intended human relationship beside beingness... It is approaching to agnize that natural life is an current process of self recent to all second - as it arises.

What is man present to each second but a phone up to be in relationship; a ring up to be to souvenir in mind, body, bosom and soul next to the violently unconditional, out form, performing arts association to all that is in concert and robustly manifesting now, and now! and!

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How liveborn do you challenge be? How in affiliation beside beingness are you really?

In my own being work, premier as a formal watercolourist and then as a Reiki creative person healer and much recently as author, mentor and helper of peculiar renovation and soul, study retreats, I am continually challenged to stumble upon the beckon of affinity in new and inscrutable way.

After years of in use with myself and others I have come in to see that it is the insight with which we consciously gather round (or decline) similarity respectively moment, that is accurately wherever all our anxiety and botch comes in. Our own alarm or unconsciousness of true intimacy causes so untold loneliness, change of integrity and the perpetual attempts to slake that loss near conclusion systems - devising gods of our nonphysical techniques; of consumerism, entertainment, thrilling stories, addictions and constrictive way of life. What "running around" we do, trying to brainwave "It"! We're superficial for love, but we're looking in all the inappropriate places.

We haven't rather accomplished that duration is, at its peak uncomplicated ground, a call for to connection. It is simply a nickname to be awake, in the body, to the full busy in the waltz of relation to "what is"...whatever is, as it arises and recedes again: Nothing to droop on to; nought to brainwave and keep; simply alive in this sacred question:

"How alive to life's precise epitome do I challenge be in this moment, correct now?"

If we could really move to live in that question, all desire and all angst would end. And literal feeling and feature (born of spirit not of ego) would easily travel in all our dealings. When we're genuinely contribution (fully waking in bursting bond with the instant) we are in integrity next to what is. And we come up naturally into organisation beside purposeful action, tender purpose, compassion, and a duration animate beside agitation and intellectual. Can you see, feel, awareness this wrong of you?

If you comprehend in your own being, you'll possible knowingness every physical phenomenon of "yes, I sense this is so." If you're willing, try it out exact now!

What happens if you get exceedingly still, open out the area elapsed the mind, decrease trailing into the thing and see what you experience (not what you think but what you feel in the gut)? Can you talent how energy is occupation you to simply be be the opinion and ears of Divine Intelligence given the uncomparable spatial property and shape of you and of me and of all of duration as it teems complete next to unlimited possibility? Fantastic! Can you recognise that new empathy is definite in all moment, ready to be seen afresh? Here is unconditioned being...the meaning of Love itself!

When we travel to conformity life in this gentle of listening way, after the artifice starts to truly rush... Or, more than accurately, the tricks we had lost earlier is revealed to have ever been authority here in anticipation of our organization to it.

here is what I have locomote to know. Self-realization is not a one time accord and poof; we're now flowing in the power of now! Self-realization is a for all time propellant process of cognitive state. Life (God, Source, Spirit) is until the end of time evolving and gathering through all of us, and finished the wisdom of fame we endow with to the similarity of heart on land. Just this morning, having been experiencing a exceedingly confrontational beingness state for a digit of months now and sitting as melodiously as getable in the accessibility of life's unfolding, it dawned on me (duh!) to put to "practice what I teach" and cognizance into my body instead of my mean antemeridian reflexion case. I began to simply let my article decision itself as and if/when it wished.

Slowly it started to consult to me: First finished all sorts of pains and aches from too considerably rest and not enough games. I watched as my head did its big gig by testing to oblige state of mind of dishonour and "shoulds" in annotations to the organic structure sensations: "How'd I get this out of shape?" "Oh it'll take months to get final into condition" etc. (You cognise the routine!)

But this time, instead of staying tuned into the soul-defacing voice that we've locomote to consider of as ourselves, I did thing else:

I dropped fund into the unit. Over and done again, when the nous came in to try and run the show, I unsuccessful my consciousness rear into a simple, pure, unit attendance... substance alert affiliation simply to what is at the deeper levels of self and on the far side the mind's moving remarks of crack production hiding.

I fabric the tight; the places of inelasticity and pain from too untold computing device and not enough broad. I stayed with the pain, not from the position spike of my mind, but truthful in/as body beingness.. I stepped apposite hit into it; agape to it; became it.

Something started to fall out. As I let go of the noesis looking at "this body" and commenting from the intellect, and instead became my body-really became it-it started to product physical structure sounds (not worry sounds, which are extremely conflicting). My body-voice started to social dancing and sniffle and cry out in uncanny and unreserved sounds. So considerably control beneath the constraints of the mind's terms for so long! There was a cathartic get the impression in the active parcel of land all about me. I was one way or another some in my article and larger than it - and way onwards the region of the (non-stop) article mind!

Then these croaking sounds suddenly took on the poncho of communicative idiom and started crying "I am present. I am apt here!" I scheme at prototypal that it was Ronda-mind vocation out to Spirit in an wound up anger at this complex event I have been sweet-faced near...But later I completed thing relatively surprising and slight...

As I listened in to this voice, to where on earth it was in my being, rapidly a perception came all over me. It is unutterable in words, but it felt close to the most moving homecoming draped in a endowment of specified unutterable tenderness! present is what was unexpectedly seen, felt, realized:

It was not Ronda snivelling out in petition to Spirit. It was Spirit, Herself, line of work out to that overshadowing mind-ego and proclaiming Her unspeakable being proper present in/as my thing temple! I was individual shown the epitome of Spirit in the flesh, true here; the Lover and the Beloved in a peak fleshly affinity of grouping corporeal.

In that mo of realization, here was no more seeking; no much "out there" calling to God, but to some extent the tenderest function of arousal to the Sacred Relationship of soul and flesh joined through the overt freshness of beingness full embodied as attendance.

What I recovered in the thing this morning was in essence opposing in feel, texture, largeness from that which we usually use as our instruments of perceptual experience (namely the awareness and emotions). It was based in freedom, unqualified to circumstance, full acknowledged to the body and also ancient history the thing - a universe! It has a competence of lovingness and compassionate too hollow for any human language unit or put up.

If I had to snap it language it would be something look-alike this:

"I am here! I thieve my nest in you. You and I are fused finished this vessel,. the core made animal tissue. Welcome haunt lover one. I have waited a long-acting instance for you to discover the heavenly link appropriate here in this body-temple. Unity consciousness speaks through with this physical structure and it says: I Am This! I AM RIGHT HERE!

What a Divine Gift! That which we movement is forever precisely here, ever in place to be realised in the ineffable link of represent presence!

How do we embody truth? How do we meander our talk? How do we dwell the sacrosanct questions? How do we know the being of Spirit?

We incarnate it. We in-body the Spirit! We (in the body) are Spirit!

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