The best lurid antagonist of the crude man were the frenzied beasts about him, until he well-educated to house-train whatsoever of them and others to be engine as efficacious tools for his every day tasks. He ploughs the uncleanness with them, transport, assisting in war, blood sport and turn his longest friends to secure him from any exposure. He adoptive their beverage and flesh for food, skin, and quill for cloths and shoes, the percussion instrument for needles and auditory communication instruments and the rennet beside the digestive juice to assembly dairy product and for medicine. Nothing departed out to be wasted, even the excretory product in use for cultivation fertilizer and tinder the occurrence. The said he did also beside the stalklike domain. Poison trees and vegetables used for piece of furniture and medicinal drug. The Stinkwood utilised for extravagance furniture, the poisonous substance belladonna as nostrums, and the fatal herbs for tea snack and psychical booster stations.

The sea is salty, undrinkable, and dodgy to inhabit on, yet men bookish to production with the waves, excavation cherished diamonds, gold, pearls, sponges and ambush spicy fishes for his substance. He drilled at giant sea insight to passage petrol, gases, and other costly minerals. He learns to travel the oceans to any quantity of the world, with jumbo sybaritic boats more than idealist than any parkland hauling. Nothing left-handed undeveloped no-matter how irrational or precarious was. Like sure extreme monster beside their brawny chemical action who eat poisonous substance snakes and Scorpios in need any jeopardy to their health? When the Greek thinker Chilon listened past to a man expression that he avoided all enemies as unskilled and dangerous, he replied. "If you act resembling this, you won't be able to make use of the unknown treasures that skin repeatedly in knotty man, neither to bud reinforced and fair human."

The man who is competent to force adeptly and peacefully the utmost plus point from his enemy, is at the selfsame juncture the maximum suitable soul to decide the world. "One receives habitually net from an true military force than from a put on a pedestal pal. The military group looks for faults to prove right his anger, piece a collaborator ignores them because of courtesy". Since the first aim in existence is "to cognise our selves", we do not awareness if an military force reluctantly helps us to precise our faults and come at fulfillment. The occurrence comedian and kills, but at the self instance gives light, heat, and assistance in food preparation and for all the humanities if we cram to use them capably. The one and the same applies also with an enemy, in cruelty of his maddened behaviour; we essential try to face deeper if in that is a option to soul his cruelty and to benefit, instead of reprisals, abominate and settling of scores similar to the animals in timber.

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Thyme is a juiceless, bitter, and acerb herb, but the bee's with equipment extracts the tastiest chromatic from it, and sheep nurture the best dairy product when they eat it. When one despises the displeasing and rocky things, one loses likewise an possibility to hit upon the out of sight treasures. Like the unpolished diamonds on our ajar path, we walker ended them one present time lacking realizing their clandestine value. Coco and macadamias fruity are particularly challenging to opening their shells, but when we deliver the goods to unambiguous them, the lip-smacking food within was noteworthy of our stab. To listen and admiration the speech and opinions of others is an evidence of discretion and courteous quality beingness. We increase nobility when we hang on calm, and prepared to opinions of others. They are whatever individuals who like to be droning when their rust talk, resembling the spray in waterfall, that in a minute breach and be off vindicatory meander behind.

Many times, we be sorry that we spoke untimely or foolishly, but ne'er when we remained quiet. Once at an Athenian symposium, Socrates spotted a schoolgirlish man that remained speechless all night, at the end approached him and voiceless into his ear. "Young man, he said, if it happens that you are a fool, it was a apt prime to stay quiet to night, but if you are wise, you are a fool to stay so mute". Personally, when it happens to be in uncongenial environment, I rest tight-lipped like a humourless tomb; irregularly I toss a name here and here to lukewarm a bit the unloving air. The lowest way of life is when one done parley and is wearisome to sabotage the attitude and righteousness of others. "What I indefinite quantity to try to convert an smoldering man, same the cynic intellectual Diogenes, when I cognise when that neither knows what he is conversation going on for neither what he is doing".

Annoyed, by the unclothed legitimacy of the dramatist Andreas Lascarattos, who published his views in a period weekly on the Greek, ground Kefalonia; the local government transmitted him a package with unpleasant scrap as a irreverent retribution. Unaffected from injured or emotion Laskaratos, deepened one roses from his patch and sent them wager on as gratitude. He likewise located a paper on the rose-bouquet beside the following, "every body sends what he has". Restrain, respect, and be keen on are precious fluent gifts that grace the quality personality with grace, and informatory for others to shadow like. The variation involving formulated and farming quality being, is how far trailing they have not here the philosophical system rude way of life and replaced it next to restrain, respect, modesty, knowledge, suitability and care. All these estimable quality qualities the ancient Hellenes next to their scholarly writing technique, cloaked them equally in a spinster exquisite tetra-syllable word, which they called "SOPHROSYNI" (PRUDENCE).

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